Our Founder

our_founder“ It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not fill the minds of students with facts… it is to teach them to think, if it is possible, and always to think for themselves.” Robert Hutchins Mr. Garun Mishra has been a successful politician and has achieved a lot in areas like, religions, social work, literature, and many more. A revolutionary entrepreneur, MR. GARUN MISHRA has made a valuable contribution to both religious area as well as education. His constant endeavour to upgrade and improvise has revolutionized the way most business houses function. MR. GARUN MISHRA has always taken keen interest in the field of education. He soon realized that education holds the key to a developed India. He believes that education should not be limited to simply imparting knowledge. Education must teach people to become independent thinkers. It must ignite a desire to acquire knowledge. It must prepare students for life. For this we must take education beyond the walls of the classroom. We must train our students to become responsible citizens not only of India but of the world. Globalization has opened innumerable opportunities and we must train our students to lead the nation in such a new world. MR. GARUN MISHRA believes in maintaining the highest standards in term of quality. Consequently the name MR. GARUN MISHRA has become synonymous with world facilitator of education. All school under this group are equipped with the best teachers, sports facilities, classrooms, laboratories and transport facilities. A safe learning environment with world class facilities.. What more could one ask for? Such a unique system of education has revolutionized education in our country taking India into the global arena and providing a platform where school of other countries can actually learn from us.