Know your Chapter

To Know your chapter

1    Find out and underline the each and every hard word

  1. Write their meaning on the same page.
  2. Do the Hindi version of complete page.
  3. Do the English version of the Hindi version. Don’t use the same word which is written in the same page.
  4. Made question and answers from every paragraph.
  5. Brain mapping : Find central and related points, headings, problems, formulas, diagrams, applications, exception, examples etc.

 Revival day

  2. Revival day is a day without bag to appreciate the creativity of the students.
  3. Doubt clearing period:-
    1. Any Question from anywhere in class discussion.
    2. Motivation & Ideal people’s story.
    3. Any plan & Team formation discussion.
  4. Project work + Drawing = All club’s work exhibition.
  5. IT – Discussion, Solution & performances.
  6. Performance – A Drama directed by Seniors, perform by juniors in English language &next Inter – National language.
  7. Praise & Congratulate Session – New performance & Achievement.
  8. Honor to Hero Club.
  9. Language classes by 12:00 P.M.