Career Counselling

When it comes to the education and academic career of your children, everyone becomes worries. Guidance and counseling services occupy an important place in educational context as no educational institution can provide the education to its children in the absence of guidance and counselling. In case of behaviour modification in children, guidance and counseling service assumes greater significance because of their varied personal problems as well as educational needs. Therefore, guidance and counseling must be given priority to ensure that these children grow and develop to the full extent possible.

If the mist obvious reason is the cost of the education, the other one in definitely your children’s ability to take up that academic career. But worry no more! The convenient yet simplest way out of this problem is career counseling. Commonly people misinterpret career counseling as being intended only for professional field, but, actually you can take resort to career counseling right from the beginning of your at an early pre-school age.

COUNSELLING is an interactive process characterized by a unique relationship between counselor and the person that leads to a change in the person in one or more of these areas.

  1. Behavior (decision making, relationship skills etc.)
  2. Belief (thinking, attitudes etc.)
  3. Level of emotional distress (comfort level, reaction to stress)

Educational, vocational and personal futures, Thus a counselor touches lives of all students. The functions of a school counselor can be enumerated as follows-

  • Orientation of new students
  • Students Appraisal
  • Educational and Occupational information
  • Counseling
  • Research and evaluation

Some areas of difficulty and their probable ways of handling are discussed periodically. The solutions are then put forward and hence we try and bring about changes in the child’s perspective boosting his morale.