Objective of the Course

This program will be useful for the students to prepare and equip themselves for their future studies and career ahead. The course will also help in refining the overall personality of students and help them to face the challenges of bigger world when they step out of the portals of the college. Established in goodness, both outwardly and inwardly. (RAVI MISHRA on Education)’ The intention of the school, in other words, is to awaken the intelligence and the generosity of spirit in students so that they are able to meet an increasingly complex world without losing their humanity, The cultivation of a global outlook, a love of nature and a concern for mankind are all part of our educational aims. More specific goals of the educational philosophy of CENTRAL ACADEMY School are: To educate students so that they are able to explore both the world and their inner being. To inculcate a love for nature and respect for all forms of life. To create an atmosphere of affection, order and freedom without either fear or license. Not to condition the students in any particular belief, either religious, political or social, so that their minds may remain free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn. Based on this philosophy, teachers attempt to create an atmosphere of space, freedom, care and security in which students are helped to enlarge their horizons and grow. The school in concerned with developing the individual talent and intelligence of each student. We feel that is important for parents to be aware equally of their children’s talents as well as limitations, and allow them to develop in their own way, and not on the basis of predetermined expectations.