Rules for Student


  1. First Impression: – Knowledge of dressing should be in proper uniform.
  2. Nail should be proper cut.
  3. Polished shoes neat and clean uniform with Ironing
  4. Hair style- girls with ponytail otherwise use hair bend who have short hair
  5. Do not make noise by shoes when you walk.
  6. Stand/sit in proper way.
  7. When two person busy in talking make it sure third person not able to listen  to you
  8. If teacher is in your class do not take any decision.
  9. Say sorry, apologize on your mistake. When you want to pass from anywhere say excuse
  10. Give preference to everyone.
  11. Keep distance when you go in a queue.
  12. Touch feet of Saraswati Maa.
  13. If you are not satisfied with any one so discus your problem with him/her.
  14. Entering and exit with manner.
  15. Conversation (Give your reply always at least in ‘yes or ‘no’)
  16. Give respect to each and everyone (Living and non-living thing) then you will also get respect in return.
  17. Use ‘Ji’ and ‘Aap’ when you call anyone.
  18. Wish to each and everyone before, you meet someone.
  19. Be confident while talking.
  20. Maintain eye contact while talking.
  21. While answering you should give answer to the point
  22. Walk slowly on stairs.