Chairman’s Message

chairmanI feel for each sensitive educator learning is a journey that is joyful, stress free and that engages the mutual learners (the student and the teacher) wholly in its steady evolution. We are inspired by Shri Garun Mishra (Swami Garun Ji Maharaj) work which is based on a profound understanding of human development. In it we found a beautiful, gentle and creative way of education for children. We are therefore inspired to have a space where learning is fun, engaging, seeking, co-operative, mutually inspiring, and all pervasive; where responsibility, discipline, earning a livelihood, excellence, compassion and relationship, all come together as one movement and not as fragmented parts to be strung together; where education is not riddled with fear but is an explorative process of discovery of the self and all else. Along with the academic excellence and vast sports opportunities, we provide our students with an exposure to the realities of the world. We sculpt them into competitive, empathetic, optimistic individuals who strive to succeed in every challenge they are faced with. We aim at ensuring that our comprehensive development programs provide students with an international learning experience, while preserving our core Indian values. Thus we inspired, lead to an honest enquiry on the path of education and the deeper concepts of teaching and learning. The educational system in ancient India, the system that great sages used in their ashrams, was such that met the demand both of the intellect and the soul. It would probably not be plausible for modern education to renew the ancient system of Ashrams, educational system we found both the scientific outlook of a modern school and the soul of an Ashram a place where the child can find real development of his body, soul and spirit towards the freedom of his own individuality. We believe that a good education is one that shapes the growth of an individual’s creativity, knowledge, and character. Our accredited curriculum is designed to recognize individual differences and foster the development of each student’s intellect and personality. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child and encourage our students to explore, inquire, and to think critically. Our inspiring environment enables students to reach their academic and social potential by developing and enhancing skills that create the foundation for a progressive future. Self-esteem develops as they recognize their accomplishments, and this enhanced confidence provides a necessary tool for a successful future.

With Best wishes to you all
Ravi Mishra